Vision statement and mission principles affirmed

over 2 years ago
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The Synod Standing Committee (SSC) affirmed on 24 June 2015 a vision statement and mission principles for the Major Strategic Review.

The MSR will use the vision and mission principles to inspire and direct our proposals.

They can also be used as a framework for discussions by councils and groups within the Church and beyond. They offer us a space to discuss our diversity, unity, faith and mission. They also offer us a clear, accessible resource to engage and interact beyond our already formed community.

You are invited to engage with, reflect on and apply the vision and mission principles in your local context.

We would welcome your feedback regarding your approach and experience of using the vision and mission principles before we include them in our final report.

Following Christ, seeking community, compassion and justice for all creation

God in Christ reaches out to the world and calls the Church in the Spirit to:
1. share the Good News of Jesus Christ
2. nurture disciples in life-giving communities of reconciliation
3. respond in compassion to human need
4. live justly and seek justice for all
5. care for creation
6. express the Gospel in fresh ways for each generation and culture
7. pursue God’s mission in partnership

More on the vision and mission
The vision statement is intended to lay the foundation and influence the activities of the Synod with its responsibilities for the general oversight, direction and administration of the Church’s worship, witness and service.

The mission principles seek to capture God’s big purposes for the loved creation and God’s call to the Church. They are not a creed but a tool to provoke questions and examination of the mission of the Church as relevant within your own context.

The inspiration and challenge of the vision statement and mission principles will not come from the words on the paper but from the reflection and discussions initiated.

Approaching that sort of statement with some rigour and determination would lead to some wonderful things – and some fantastic conversations on the journey.

(Vision and mission testing group, June 2015)

Inviting your response

We would welcome your constructive feedback on the vision statement and mission principles as we look to refine before forming our final report.

We'd like to know:

  • how you have engaged and used them,
  • if you think something is missing,
  • if something does not resonate in your context,
  • if they have stimulated evaluation and action in your mission planning?

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Resources available
Browse the 'Resources and Documents' section (right-hand column of the home page) to access the vision and mission principles in various formats, including translations in Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Korean and Vietnamese.

We have also produced a PowerPoint presentation and a ‘how to guide’ offering suggestions on how you could approach the vision and mission principles.

A summary sheet shows what resources are available.