about 2 years ago
Msr leafs

Two reports – from our engagement with presbyteries and congregations, and research with ordained ministers – are now available. Also a reminder that the summary report from the culture survey conducted earlier this year is also available.

The MSR has engaged with the Church in different ways and in different contexts. We have explored the various elements of the Church’s life and mission through conversations, prayer and retreat, workshops, meetings and formal research. These reports are two such examples.

Discerning and developing future opportunities for Presbyteries and Congregations is a summary of the combined wrap-up information session which was held on 15th August 2015 at the Centre of Theology and Ministry. The document outlines what the MSR team heard from its focused engagement with a sample of congregations and all eight presbyteries, and the resulting discussion amongst participants during the session. The paper updates the MSR’s next steps and includes suggestions for further reading.

The McCrindle Executive Summary Report Minister Inquiry summarises the results of an inquiry into the perspectives of ordained ministers and chaplains within the UCA Synod of Victoria and Tasmania. The MSR commissioned McCrindle Research to conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews with 60 ministers across the Synod during June and July 2015. The report provides key insights and recommendations covering ministers’ hopes for the future, thoughts on change or stability, views on workload and resources, and suggestions about vocational support and development.

All of these reports and other MSR documents are available in the Resources and Documents section.